Choose the right gym!

Gyms has given a brand new meaning to the words ‘Fitness’, ‘Well Being’, ‘Health’, ‘Activewear’  and what not, but they often offer a lot of facilities like group classes, free PT sessions, free gym times and etc. Have you ever thought why do they do it? Or have you thought do I need them all?
I’ve recently done some research by myself because I wanted to rejoin (yes, I joined once, ditched it and was looking to join again) to a gym. Continue reading


First time at Mount Lofty! (South Australia)

Finally, me and my friends along with my wife planned to hike the famous Mt. Lofty and go until the summit. It is a 7.5K return walk of total 475m climb which would normally take 1 hour or maybe less than that. Weekend/ Perfect weather and what more could you ask for a hike? I always fancy a nice climb because obviously it’s a good workout and 2nd it’s all about sight seeing, a lot of photos/ selfies and what not. Continue reading

Oh Hi! (again..)

After a very long blog-break, here I am again. Needless to say during past few weeks, I was rather out of track a bit, but it was controllable. Because I saw I was deviating from my fitness journey. I was rather unmotivated and kinda overthinking and too bad I was managed to hurt my back during a wrong-move jump squat and had to pause my workouts for 2 weeks, not to mention I ate a bit more than I used to eat. Continue reading

Why we all should love Fitness?

The heading says it all. How easy for us to neglect our own fitness. It can be a gym training, routine walking/ jogging activity, a spinning session or a Cross-Fit session. And that tomorrow will never come. Because our minds prefer to skip things and not to be worried until next time or next day, when it’s not properly trained. Experts show that mind training is very important in a fitness journey because it’s the voice behind us guiding.

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Workout Essentials : Right Clothing

I’ve become a fitness fanatic with the whole weight loss process. They say “When you see the results, it becomes an addiction”. Losing about 39lbs is a huge task, but it’s something anyone can do if you have the motivation. For this there are many factors that comes along the way. Right attire makes everything much more streamlined and more focused.

Hi my people. I thought to write about Workout Attire today. As well as your workouts, wearing the right attire should be among your priorities. I can be for Gym, Outside walking or simply home workouts.

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